SA-NT DataLink
Supporting health, social and economic research, education and policy in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Custodian Controlled Data Repository

SA NT DataLink launches the Custodian Controlled Data Repository
SA NT DataLink have established a secure de-identified data repository, able to be accessed by contributing Data Custodians.
This it specifically to meet the demand and need for more timely, and safe access to data.
The Custodian Controlled Data Repository provides for:
  • the secure storage and release of de-identified records
  • the ability to integrate and more easily deliver data for approved research studies
  • Data Custodians to continue to manage their data, in partnership with SA NT DataLink
  • the secure remote access, facilitated by SURE
  • maintaining the 'separation principle' where no staff or researcher will have access to both identifying and service related content records

For more information please refer to a short presentation.