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High Value Data Collections for Linkage - 10-15 min online Survey


What are your high value data collections?


SA NT DataLink and the other National authorised linakge Units want to know the data collections that, if linked, will add the greatest value to your research.

Knowing your preferences will help us build a national data linkage infrastructure that meets researchers’ needs.


Click here to start the survey, that should take you 10-15 minutes.


As part of our commitment to service improvement, the Population Health Research Network (PHRN) is conducting a project about identifying and prioritising high value data collections for linkage.

The project will build on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s work on unlocking Australia’s high value data and the ABS's Essential Statistical Assets (Pillars and Dimensions).

This survey will help identify and prioritise the core and high value datasets for linkage.


We encourage you to share the survey link with your colleagues. 


If you have any questions please contact