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Adelaide Convention Centre

The following images taken on 24th October 2018 are provided to assist the 2020 IPDLN Conference Organising Committee's understanding of the layout and facilities.

Level One (Proposed for Opening Drinks Ceremony)

Image 1. View North towards Adelaide Oval, from Panoram Ballroomo on Level One








Image 1. View North from Panorama Ballroom, where the Reception Drinks will be held

Image 2 - Panorama Ballroom Level One








Image 2. View North West from the Panorama Ballroom, Level One (top level)

Image 3 - view fWest from Panorama Ballroom








Image 3 - Level One view West, towards SAHMRI & Royal Adelaide Hospital Bio-Medical Precinct


Image 4 View North from Panorama Ballroom on Level One








Image 4 - Level One view North from Panorama Ballroom where the Reception Function will be held




Image 5 - view over River Torrens towards the North West

Image 5 - view North West from Level One Panorama Ballroom the River Torrens & Golf Course.



Ground Floor - Where the main sessions for the Conference will be held


Image 7 - View West towards SAHMRI and RAH Hospital from inside Western Entrance

Image 7 - View West from inside Ground FLoor Western Entrance, towards SAHMRI & the Royal Adelaide Hospital


Ground Floor (Western Entrance)

Image 8 - Ground floor Western Entrance - showing Conference Registration Area on right.


Image 9 - internal view of Registration Desk Area, near Western Entrance

Image 9 - Ground Floor Western Entrance view, outside the Largest Rooms M and N (for Plenary)


Image 10 Ground FLoor - Room L

Image 10 - showing the area for Room L on Ground Floor


Image 11 - Room L

Image 11 - Showing the area for Room L Ground Floor


Image 12 - Ground Floor Northern side, breakout rooms L3 and L2

Image 12 - Ground Floor Northern End Foyer, breakout rooms L3 and L2


Image 13 Ground floor Breakout Rooms

Image 13 - Ground Floor Northern End Foyer, Breakout Room L1


Image 14 - Internal perspective of the breakout rooms L1, L2 L3 (seating approx 80 people)

Image 14. Internal perspectiv eof the Breakout rooms L1, L2 and L3 (Seating approx 50 upto 80)


Lower Level One - Northern Side of the Convention Centre


Image 15 Foyer outside the Lower smaller meeting rooms R5 and R6

Image 15. Foyer outside the smaller breakout rooms R5 and %6 (approx seating 50 to 60)


Image 16 Lower Level One Foyer, Northern Side

Image 16. Lower Level One Foyer, Northern Side, outside Breakout rooms R7 and R8 (approx seating 50-60)


Image 17 - View from Lower Level One foyer outside rooms R8 R7 R6 and R6

Image 17. View towards the North (Adelaide Oval and River Torrens) from Lower Level One outside R8, R7, R6 & R5