SA-NT DataLink
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Security & Privacy Protection 

Effective security practices are fundamental to SA NT DataLink protecting sensitive data, protecting privacy and maintaining the trust of the public and Data Custodians who provide SA NT DataLink and Researchers with sensitive data.

A one-page information sheet explains SA NT DataLink's Privacy and Confidentiality Protocols and the measures taken to protect people's privacy, while supporting the secondary use of government and other data, for research and policy analysis.

In accordance with the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework, and the South Australian Information Security Management Framework (ISMF), the main objectives for focusing on Protective and Information Security is to ensure appropriate controls and approved access to SA NT DataLink supplied data and information services.

The security practices and protocols at SA NT DataLink have been developed in accordance with the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework. In addition to Deeds of Confidentiality, a Security Awareness Checklist is used as an education tool to ensure staff are fully aware of the practices and protocols to protect privacy and confidentiality of individuals and the data within SA NT DataLink.

SA NT DataLink has implemented the Population Health Research Network (PHRN) Information Governance Framework to ensure appropriate security and privacy protocols exist and best practice is followed in securing information. The following documents has been prepared to assist Researchers, Data Custodians and Data Providers understand  the best practice security protocols.

SA NT DataLink Security Manual - Overview:  explains the SA NT DataLink security protocols.

Security Standards - provides an understanding of the Information Security Standards used in SA NT DataLink.

Security Documentation - provides copies of Confidentiality Agreements and Security Awareness Checklist used by SA NT DataLink.

The Australian Privacy Commissioner has published (revised May 2010) the Privacy Impact Assessment procedure for organisations to assess and manage privacy.

For more information on Security and Privacy Protection protocols at SA NT DataLink, please contact 

There is a critical need to ensure that research and data linkage methods involving studies using the Genomic/DNA data protect the privacy of individuals. There are a combination of privacy protecting anonymising and suppression steps that need to be considered when undertaking research particulary where there are a small numbers of results. Vanderbilt University Medical Center have prepared a short instructional video on Privacy Protection for Population Studies involving Genomic/DNA data.