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Available Datasets

The SA NT DataLink system links records generated from bringing together a range of datasets, able to be quality matched and provided from the enduring longitudinal Master Linkage File.  Data Custodians provide regular data updates to SA NT DataLink for linkage (e.g. name, date of birth, sex, address) to enable DataLink to maintain the Master Linkage Mapping of linked records across all of the various data sources, each governed by legal Deed of Agreements between SA NT DataLink and the Data Custodians.

Printable list of routinely updated datasets and the years for which the data is available (as at 15 April 2024).

Importantly, in addition to the above hyperlink list of routinely updated data sources at SA NT DataLink, we actively facilitate the linking of other data for one off approved projects. This includes project cohorts, registries and other non-routinely updated data sources from both the Non-Government and Government sectors.

Approval to receive access and use of linked unit record level data for both analysis and ethical research through SA NT DataLink, is subject to Data Custodian approval, and ethical approvals as required, with deeds of confidentiality & compliance signed by people accessing data.

SA NT DataLink looks forward to being able to work with you to provide innovative and worthwhile access to linked data, noting that due to limited funding there is a partial cost-recovery fee charged, based on the amount of work needed to be performed. 

For copies of available metadata, please contact SA NT DataLink