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Educational Videos and Workshops

What is Data Linkage? SA NT DataLink Animation

Benefits from increased sharing of data

Video - Lousa Jorm and Federal Minister of Digital Transformation Angus Taylor

Workshops and Presentations

- SA NT DataLink - Research Conversation Series

Inspiring video on the compelling need for linked data and what has been achieved in Scotland, with the then Scottish Chief Scientist, Professor Andrew Morris talking in Adelaide at SA NT DataLink's Event in 2015. Prof Morris describes the whole of Scottish integrated informatics system that is build on community engagement, to evaluate, monitor and havest data safely off operational health and human services systems for research. This is well worth watching: 

Andrew Morris - Improved Healthcare & other Government funded services using Data Linkage

As a follow-up in December 2018, Professor Ronan Lyons from Swansea University, and the Health Research Data UK (HDA UK), talks in Adelaide about the latest whole of UK data linkage initiatives including genomics, that are being led through Professor Andrew Morris:

Making game-changing improvements in the health of patients and populations (PDF) 

  - other SA NT DataLink Research Conversation Series events and PowerPoint slides 

Dr Merran Smith, Chief Executive, Population Health Research Network (PHRN)

  - SA NT DataLink  - Community Conversation - 22 November 2012

  - SA NT DataLink - What is technically required for a inked data systems? March 2010 Design Workshop: