SA-NT DataLink
Supporting health, social and economic research, education and policy in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Deed/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Data access and use: Deeds of Agreement and MOUs

 In accordance with the SA NT Data Linkage Consortium Agreement, a formally signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and/or Deed of Agreement between each Agency and SANT DataLink is required to support the conditions under which information is to be made available by Data Cutodians to SA NT DataLink, and subsequently the conditions under which it will be managed, linked and provided. 

A schedule (Schedule 2) is attached to the MoU/Deed which names each dataset and precisely describes the information that is to be made available to SA NT DataLink in order to support privacy protected data linkage. As an Agency agrees to make more information available from additional datasets, an addional Schedule is added to their MoU/Deed. 

The Schedule must be signed by the Data Custodian and the Director, SA NT DataLink. 

The provision of the information is also subject to the approval of the Privacy Committee of South Australia, which to approves all South Australian Government data to be included in SA NT DataLink's Master Linkage File.

Currently SANT DataLink has Deeds/MOUs in place with:

  • SA Health
  • SA Department for Education and Child Development
  • SA Registrar, Births, Deaths and Marriages (Births and Deaths only)
  • SA Department for Communities and Social Inclusion
  • Commonwealth Department of Education and Training
  • NT Department of Health
  • NT Department of Education
  • NT Department of Justice 
  • NT Department of Families and Children 

The data sets made available for research by these Agencies are listed under the Available datasets

Data Access and Use: Restictions on length of time for access and use by Researchers and Analysts.

The release of data for specific research studies or analysis, including the release of de-identifying Project Specific Linking Keys (PSLKs) by the SA NT DataLink Data Linkage Unit, and the length of time or requirement to dispose of data, is approved by each participating Data Custodian responsible for approving the release of their organisations data, and Ethical approval.

The actual length of time and the requirement to dispose or destroy the data is agreed in accordance with Ethical (Human Research Ethics Committee) and Data Custdian approvals.