SA-NT DataLink
Supporting health, social and economic research, education and policy in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Published Papers

An annually updated list of published research studies supported by SA NT DataLink and the Population Health Research Network (PHRN) data linkage infrastructure, of which SA NT DataLink is a part, can be found on the PHRN website.

Quality of Linkage at SA NT DataLink

In July 2020 SA NT DataLink conducted an empirical review of the linkage quality within the Master Linkage File for the South Australian and the Northern Territory (NT) data sources. The October 2020 published report determined a 99.6% accuracy (0.4% false positive rate) with an upper bound of the 95% confidence interval rate at 0.9%, whilst the false negative or missed link rate was at 0.8% (or 99.2% accurate) with an upper bound on the error rate at 1.7%.   

Please refer to the 12 October 2020 published SA NT DataLink Master Linkage File - Linkage Quality Assurance Report.


Profile introducing and explaning the SA NT DataLink system

In 2019 in the International Journal of Population Data Science (IJPDS), an article describing the SA NT DataLink system was published on 5 December 2019.


This peer reviewed article provides an explanation of the governance and technical processes used at DataLink to develop argueably the largest collection of linked datasets in Australia; > 70 routinely linked and available health and human services government and non-government unit record level data sources from the Northern Territory and South Australia.


The National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER) published the 2018 positioning paper on using Data Linkage for VET Research; describing the opportunitues, challenges and principles.

SA NT DataLink faciliated the nationwide survey and publishing of the 2017 report on 'High Value Datasets for Linkage'.

For copies of published journal articles using SA NT DataLink's Infrastructure, please contact