Supporting Health, Education, Social, and Economic Research and Policy in South Australia and the Northern Territory

Delivering high quality linked data for evidence-based research and policy evaluation

During 2024, SA NT DataLink is set to become part of SA Health

During the transition from the University of South Australia as host, it's business as usual. This means:

  • Research applications for data linkage will continue through the PHRN online application system.
  • Existing data linkage projects will progress as usual.
  • Any inquiries related to data linkage should be directed to
  • SA NT DataLink will remain in the SAHMRI building on North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia.
  • All existing data sharing agreements with data custodians will remain in effect with the University of South Australia for now.

The decision to move to SA Health as host, made by the SA Government in May 2023, reflects a commitment to ensure the sustainability of SA NT DataLink.

In a collaborative approach with the NT Government and other key stakeholders, we will establish a long-term business model for SA NT DataLink.

As of 1 January 2024, all staff are employed by SA Health, while the University of South Australia will continue as the administering organisation.

Updates on the transition will be communicated on this website and through broader communication channels, and stakeholder input into the future business model will be actively sought during 2024.


SA NT DataLink Consortium

A committee comprising the SA Department for Health and Wellbeing, NT Health, the SA Department for Education and the University of South Australia will oversee operations while new governance arrangements are put in place in 2024.

The SA NT DataLink is the operational body for a Consortium formed under an Unincorporated Joint Venture Agreement first signed in May 2009. 

The Consortium agreement to 31 December 2023 had the following members:

        SA Department for Health and Wellbeing
        SA Department for Education
        Northern Territory Government
        University of South Australia
        The University of Adelaide
        Menzies School of Health Research

In addition, the Australian Government provides financial support through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) via the Population Health Research Network (PHRN).